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Agritur Solasna, is situated on a sunny terrace in the small town of San Giacomo di Caldes, in Val di Sole, hidden in the green to about eight hundred meters.


It is a typical mountain farmhouse, originally build in 1200, that the Andreis family manage for over twenty years.

On the ground floor, where once there were the stables, you’ll find the restaurant: quaint, warm and cozy with its vaulted ceilings, floors and furniture in larch.

In Trentino, Agriturismo means many things: hospitality in comfortable rooms, good food in our restaurants, where the love of cooking is combined with the health of the products that come directly from our farms. But that’s not all! Agriturismo also means a holiday with lots of animals, an experience to live in the heart of the Alps!

The first and second floor, once used as house and barn by the peasant family, we offer you two apartments and four rooms with private bathroom.

In the ancient court now are placed the garden with barbecue and a children’s playground.

All around meadows and woods of Val di Sole, where we graze our animals and cultivate fields!