The menu of our restaurant depends on the seasons and the weather!

Our food is prepared with love and patience by Nicoletta and Elisa, which you will find in the restaurant.

The menu changes from day to day based on the freshness and availability of the products that our fields give us.

the dishes of local tradition as soups, Spatzle, Canederli and Strangolapreti are always preset in the menu

A platter of cold meats, salumi and chees, toghether with the inevitable “tortei di patate”, one of the typical dishes of peasant tradition.

Food is often different, but there are meat of the alpine tradition as the pork shank baked, the “Tonco of pontesel”, ribs 
 etc. etc.

You will always find our local wine, Groppello, Trentino-old native grape grown only in these area.

The wine list offers a selection of quality wines from Trentino, as well as the beer list that contains only handicraft products from Trentino!


Our restaurant is proud to use and represent the brand Ecoristorazione Trentino

It means attention to the health and for at the origin of the products, as well as a particular care for the reduction of waste and energy and water savings

In our kitchen you will always find some organic products such as flour, eggs, yoghurt and products of fair trade business as sugar and coffee

Vegetarian and Vegan

At Solasna we cherish the food needs of everybody!

You will find every day two or three proposals match your needs,

Like traditional soups, barley soup, “Brobrusà ” with lentils, creamed leeks and potatoes.

Even our “Tortei di patate” are vegans, with side dishes of vegetables, sauerkraut and beans!

And you can also taste our polenta with sauerkraut or “Polenta Concia

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