Noi del Solasna

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Agritur Solasna would not be possible without the involvement of all our family since 1993 we Andreis take care of farm, restaurant and hospitality.


It all started with Mamma Emma, a real mountain woman who raised five children practising the peasant culture of hard work in the fields.
Today Emma is eighty years old and, in his own way, keeps on checking us to make the country tradition of the family to continue.


Elisa is the wife of Lorenzo and mother of Daniele and Matteo, you will find her smile to welcome you throughout the house: the rooms, the apartments and the restaurant. If sge is not at Solasna, she is in the woods to gather herbs, buds, berries, all that can be useful and give flavor to our products.


she taskes care of all the animals and also of the milking. You will always find her in the restaurant, ready to prepare and serve delicious dishes.


is the artist of the family, paints pictures that you will find in our spaces, it helps us to decorate the Farm, to follow the animals and is the producer of our excellent wine Groppello!


Gino is the man of the fields, a fruit farmer par excellence, takes care of our apple orchards, vegetables, bees!


the older€ sister, who is a full-time grandmother. And she is Patrizia’s mother, our orchards farmer of Val di Sole, which produces vegetables and from which we restock when we finish the stocks from our own garden.


The youngest of three sons, mountain lover, sports enthusiast and biodynamic farming.

Aunt Emma

single octogenarian who takes care of the flowers and of the garden, devotes much of his time to the beautiful church of San Giacomo, who care as if it were her home.