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“Solasna” is the ancient name of San Giacomo, the little hamlet where we are. Legend has it that in the Middle Ages the inhabitants of the country, due to a terrible epidemic of plague, were killed or had to flee. San Giacomo emptied and survived only “ sol n’asena”, only she-ass. A little later, crippling the expression dialect, the town was renamed Solasna, in honor of the only remaining creature!

For this, we must admit that the donkeys have and important place in our hearts!

Other animals must not offend, but Galileo, our donkey, is our favorite animal and became our mascot and is also present in our logo!

Galileo lives in the meadows near the Solasna, everybody can greet him or give him a caress when we have guests.

Near Galileo also live sheep and three goats, they are all very friendly with our guests.

Besides giving us the wool for our pillows, the sheep with the goats are the protagonists of our laboratories and the Educational Farm activities.

In the farm there are also chickens and a rooster (very jealous of his chicken coop!), Rabbits and bees.

In the stables, just upstream of Solasna, live four “Bruno Alpina” cows.

In winter the cows live downstream with us and, in the periods in which they do not have the calf, we milk and bring the milk to the Dairy Cooperative “Cercen”, which in return gives us the tasty Casolet cheese.

In summer, the girls, as we like to call our cows, go on vacation in the pastures, at high altitudes, in Malga Senage of Bolentina, a beautiful pasture between Val di Sole and Val di Rabbi. Here they graze freely throughout the summer, and their milk is utilized to produce the Malga cheese that we keep to season in our cellars. Also the “smoked ricotta” is a tradional product of our valley.