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Agritur Solasna means rurality and quality.

In our farm we raises many species of animals and cultivated fields with different products: grapes, apples, vegetables, fruit. also we devote time harvesting wild medicinal and aromatic herbs.

Many of the products we use in the kitchen are also available for purchase.

Our bees make a delicious honey, our gardens give us vegetables and fruit to make jams and jellies.

You will also find sausages and salami manufactured with our meats: sausage, “speck” and bacon.

From our cows’ milk, we produce a great cheese, “the Casolet”, a typical raw cheese from Val di Sole, which in some cases also vaunts the “Slow Food Presidium”. We also produce fresh ricotta.

Our apple orchards allow us to offer an excellent apple juice, as well as from our grapes we obtain our Groppello wine, an ancient grape variety of Trentino, which also acknoledge a tribute to our region.

The hens provide us with eggs in abundance; our beloved sheeps give wool to fill our pillows! You can experience to rest on the pillow fully assembled by us!

We collect the forest herbs and putting them to brew, we get tasty “Grappe” that you can buy or taste after a meal or in your moments of relaxation.